The 12 Days of Blogging | Day 1: Christmas Cheer

The 12 Days of Blogging | Day 1: Christmas Cheer

Considering it’s Christmas, and you all don’t have enough posts to judge me on yet, I figured I’d try 12 days of blogging.  This will be my attempt to turn the 12 Days of Christmas into 12 days where I consistently post blog entries. Let’s see how it goes…

First Post: Christmas Cheer

Today is Christmas Day, and anyone who knows me knows what a fanatic I am.  It’s always been my favourite time of year.  I love the food, the giving, the atmosphere, you name it!  Anything Christmas related is my cup of tea.

However, this year, when it struck 12am, I was not in my usual giddy state.  Instead, I was in the midst of a breakdown.  The repressed stress of my upcoming exams and deadlines finally got to me.  University is great and I love it so far.  But, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times that I feel way over my head.  This can lead me to feel incredibly down.

The way that I chose to look at it, was to remember that happiness, despite being a mood, is also a choice.  Yes, I have deadlines in January.  Yes, I have exams coming up.  I have reason to be stressed, but it’s Christmas!  I can be happy today.  In fact, I can be happy most days.  I just need to focus on the positives.

For example, I’ve come home for Christmas and I’m spending it with parents and a sister who love me.  We’ve got an amazing dinner on the way and my parents spoilt us rotten as per usual.  Sometimes, when life feels like it’s heading in a downwards direction, you have to give yourself a reason to bring it back up.

Hope you guys are all having an amazing day

Lots of love,

Jas xx



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