Coconut Lane Products – In Depth March Review

Coconut Lane Products – In Depth March Review

If you’re relatively new to my blog you may not be familiar with these but here is the third instalment of my Detailed Monthly reviews, in which I review a product, service or brand and talk in detail about:

  • The details of the product (price and company)
  • First impressions
  • My opinions at least 1 week later
  • Whether it’s worth the money

This month is a pretty special one because I am now officially one of Coconut Lane’s “Coconut Queens”!  This means I’m now working with the lovely people at Coconut Lane to be able to provide all of you with discounts to their products.  

However, before I could willingly work with them I had to do order a variety of their products and review them, because I don’t want to get behind a product that I don’t believe in.  So, without further ado here’s my in-depth review of some Coconut Lane products:



Details on the Product

Coconut Lane are a London based company specialising in homeware (coasters, cushions, posters), fashion (Sweatshirts, cute socks) and accessories (necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, phone cases) aimed towards “Girl bosses, dreamers and believers”.   After doing some research it looks like they base their brand around social media and pop-culture, drawing inspiration from things like Mean Girls and Gossip Girl (see their “What would Blair Walford do?” notebook).  Their brand features a good load of sass (so right up my street) as well as lots and lots of marble.  

The prices range anywhere from around:

HOWEVER as a “Coconut Queen” I have been provided with a discount code, so any of you reading this can use the code thoughtsfromjas20 to get 20% off of everything on their site!  So the prices work out more to:



What Did I Order?

I ordered a small selection to test out the products for myself and tried to go for a little bit of variety (the prices I include are what they’d be if you used my discount code), so I ended up with:

  • A White Marble Phone Case – £12: It’s pretty self-explanatory.  They had so many gorgeously coloured phone cases, however I’m very into monochrome phone accessories so I stuck with the black and white.  On first impressions it seems good – it’s a hard phone case with cut outs at the bottom and the top as well as for the volume buttons.
  • A White Marble Notebook – £3.60: I needed a new notebook to write To-Do lists in for some new organisation system I’m trying, so I figured that whilst I was trying out problems I may as well kill two birds with one stone.  They had so many notebook designs and I was overwhelmed… So I ended up just going with one that matched the phone case (however I was very close to getting the black and white one that read “What Would Blair Waldorf Do?”)  It comes with plain pages.
  • A Crown Ring – £7.20: I let my sister have a little browse of the jewellery section and this was one of the two items she chose.  It’s a small ring with crown prongs on it – they do quite a lot of quirky jewellery like this so if you’re into that I recommend you checking them out.  This was available in gold, silver and rose gold, and she went for the silver.
  • An Opal Wish Necklace – £10: They do these necklaces with a variety of gems: Opal, Rose, Turquoise and Marble, with each one coming in a square based pyramid, attached to a simple gold chain.  I’d say the chain is of medium length for a necklace – not super long but nowhere near short enough to be a choker.



1 Week Later: Opinions

I loved… the phone case and the ring!

I really love the phone case.  I’ve always been the kind of girl to buy cheap phone cases off of Amazon/Ebay but I have to say the money spent on this one really does make a difference to the quality!  They have a smooth, glossy texture and are incredibly aesthetically pleasing (It’s the kind of case you could definitely post to Instagram).  It’s definitely my kind of case – pretty lightweight and doesn’t make your phone bulky (I hate cases that make your phone super bulky).  They have so many different designs and colours and I’m officially a fan of these.

The ring was really gorgeous.  They have quite a few different quirky designs on their site, and the ring was good quality and again not too heavy (but didn’t feel like the cheap light jewellery material).  The only possible issue with this ring is that it comes up really small (my sister has very thin fingers and it just about fit her) however this particular ring was marked as S/M so I guess it makes sense.  Also, they have other rings that have an opening, and so accommodate for larger finger sizes, so keep that in mind if purchasing.


I didn’t mind… The Opal Necklace and the Notebook

The necklace looks beautiful and the gem really catches the light!  The only problem that my sister had with it is that the clasp and chain itself is quite small, so it can be quite fiddly for those who aren’t good with clasps (like me and apparently my sister).  This again is not too heavy the overall necklace looks cool.  The only thing setting it back from being in the love category was the chain and the clasp.

The notebook wasn’t what I was expecting… And it would probably be better that they called it an exercise book, because it’s more reminiscent of a thin A5 school exercise book than a notebook.  However, that being said it will still definitely do the job of what I need it to and the paper is decent quality.  They’d be good notebooks for rough work and casual sketches/disposable notes.  


Is it Worth the Money?

Some of the products are seemingly quite expensive.  However, with the quality you’re getting and my 20% off code, I would definitely say that some of the products are definitely worth the money!

I’m so proud of the phone case, and would invest in another one for sure, so these are definitely worth it!  Based on the quality of the rings I’d love to try some of their earrings because those also seem really cute!  If going for the jewellery I’d say head more towards the rings, bracelets and earrings and only go for the necklaces if you’re very good with tiny clasps as these are where the necklaces fall short for me.

As for the notebooks?  £3.60 for an exercise book does feel a little bit overpriced.  However, that being said I’m so stationery obsessed to I probably would anyway.  They have some cute designs and again, they’re very aesthetically pleasing but next time I’d probably go more for the cute socks as at the same price, they seem more worth the money.

Overall I really like Coconut Lane, (and I promise I’m not just saying that as a brand ambassador – I’ve been 100% honest and unbiased throughout this whole review) and would recommend them for some quirky, sassy and cute products!  Head over to their website here and have a little look for yourself, and DON’T FORGET TO USE THE CODE THOUGHTSFROMJAS20 FOR 20% OFF OF EVERY ORDER!


Hope you enjoyed this months review! If you missed the first 2 months you can check them out here and here, and if you try/have tried any Coconut Lane products before, leave me a little note in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx





  1. March 27, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    I like how honest you are on your reviews. I saw the phone case on instagram and I loved it too. P.S Could you tell me how you added bloglovin to the bottom of your page.

    • March 27, 2017 / 10:43 pm

      Thank you! I try and keep everything genuine and honest throughout my blog so I’m glad it’s coming through 🙂 I couldn’t add a widget so I just got an image of the logo and added a hyperlink 😉
      Jas zx

      • March 27, 2017 / 11:00 pm

        Hmmm that’s so smart. I’m definitely doing that.

  2. March 28, 2017 / 12:06 am

    Ooh I hadn’t heard of this company so it’s nice to get a review which is for a company you personally love and enjoy, and have a browse of. I know exactly what you mean about getting behind a company you love too, you don’t want to work with a company you don’t enjoy or like or believe in, as you mentioned and it’s good to hear you like them and are having fun being an ambassador for them. That ring is gorgeous! I love the detailing on it, but I think the necklace is my favourite thing, that’s beautiful! – Tasha

    • March 28, 2017 / 12:08 am

      Thanks Tasha! And yeah it’s really great to become an ambassador for a brand I like, I will only support things that I genuinely believe in because I like to remain honest 🙂 the necklace is really beautiful to be honest! You should totally go for it and use my 20% off 😉
      Jas xx

      • March 28, 2017 / 12:10 am

        Yes, I completely agree! Honesty is the best for reviews, it’s good to see that. Haha, I will do! 😀

    • March 29, 2017 / 1:41 am

      Thank you! I love the phone case SO MUCH! I’m thinking of getting some of their prints – there are some really cute ones!
      Jas xx

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