The Ordinary Coverage Foundation – In Depth August Review

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation – In Depth August Review

Welcome to this months edition of my Monthly Review Series in which I review a product, brand or service and discuss:

  • The details of the product (price and company)
  • First impressions
  • My opinions at least 1 week later
  • Whether it’s worth the money

This month, I reviewed The Ordinary Coverage Foundationwhich was a pretty exciting one for me (I’ll explain later on in my post).  Though I’d heard of the brand before, I hadn’t actually heard of the foundation until I had a browse in the Ordinary store in Covent Garden and picked it up.  However, after doing some research I found out it’s apparently back-ordered online and not available from online stores like ASOS/Beauty Bay that stock other products from the brand…  But they had plenty in store, so if you’re ever around Covent Garden you can definitely pick it up there.

Update: I wrote this on the 23rd of August, and as of the 25th ASOS officially stocked it!  So go check out ASOS!

The Details…
The Ordinary is the “child” of the fancy skincare brand DECIEM, and is created to offer skincare products that are often considered “luxury” at affordable prices, for those who want to get into skincare but do not have a lot of money.  The foundation, however is one of their newest products, (they’re only just starting to bring out makeup) and they currently offer 2:

  • The Coverage foundation, and
  • The Serum foundation.

I got the Coverage Foundation, which claims to be a full coverage foundation, with high pigment and a smooth finish, allowing you to avoid the heavy “caked” makeup look that can result from some high coverage foundations.  The texture promises to be of a lightweight, non-oily cream, offers SPF15, and is only £5.90!
What particularly attracted me to this foundation was the fact that they offered in 21 shades, both online and in-store.  As a black girl it’s not very often that I see foundations at drugstore pricing offering a shade that’s dark enough for my skin tone (I wrote a post on it here).  Due to my limited options when it comes to foundations, the (2) other foundations I own are high-end, both at around a £30 price point.  Therefore, the fact that this one had such a wide variety of shades in store, at less than £6 meant I just had to try it.
First Impressions…
I got the shade 3.1Y, with 3 standing for its “darkness” and the Y being it’s yellow tone (they also offer R for red-toned skin and N for neutrals).  And on first application I have to say it was a pretty great match for my skin tone (for reference I’m a C6 in MAC Face and Body and use the shade “Malaga” in Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint… I’d give more examples but those are the only other foundations I’ve owned).  
I applied it with a beauty sponge (I use the Real Techniques one, I don’t know if that matters), and honestly I was really impressed with how smoothly it blended out.  A little went a long way, it wasn’t patchy, and it was easy to layer without it going cakey.  A lot of the reviews I’ve seen online have spoken about how it promised high coverage and was more medium coverage, and I’d probably agree… However, I don’t really wear high coverage foundations as I’m not a massive makeup wearer and I use foundation to even out my skin tone, not really to cover anything up, so the coverage wasn’t a problem with me.
Furthermore, I don’t know how to accurately describe it but it made the rest of my makeup look better… I felt like my face overall looked smoother by the end of application.  However, the real test is how it wears over time, so I tested it out in different situations over three weeks to give it a proper review…
My Thoughts after 3 Weeks…
I wore it through many different situations:

  • A chilled night out,
  • A very long day,
  • A meal out, and
  • A day of walking around (and sweating) in the heat

And I have to say the result was unanimous – I’m in love with this foundation!  It provides my skin with a lovely glow without being shiny (although I still used mattifying powder on my T-Zone, but that’s normal for my combination skin), and it didn’t dry out my skin at all.  It stayed throughout the day with no creasing as far as I could say, and didn’t slip off my face or fade away (although it’s to be noted I always apply my makeup with a primer and setting spray).  
Since I’ve got it, it’s been the only foundation I’ve used, and it’s perfect for daily wear without feeling like you’re wearing a lot on your face.  I agree that it isn’t really “high coverage”, but as I said earlier, that’s not what I need it for, in fact I probably shouldn’t be wearing high coverage foundation as my skin doesn’t need it.  If you’re anything like me and have relatively clear skin, with the odd spot, and only really use foundation for the smooth, even finish it gives the skin, then I strongly recommend this foundation.
Is it Worth the Money?
Absolutely!  At the moment I love this foundation more than both my MAC and Nars foundation and it was only £5.90!  That’s a fifth of the price!  I love the affordable price point and the fact that the shade range is so accessible for all (They also have extremely pale shades – I know that really pale people can struggle with foundation matches too).  I genuinely think this foundation provides my skin with a smooth, glowy look that I find particularly more noticeable than my other foundations.
The main disadvantage of this foundation is that, from what I gathered online it isn’t that easy to get a hold of.  However, if you live in or around London I’d say that it’s worth the trip down to the store in Covent Garden – they had a lot in a lot of shade ranges when I went.  However now that it’s apparently available on ASOS I strongly recommend, go crazy!
It can be hard for darker skin tones to find cheap, accessible foundations (and concealers) so I was very excited about this one and it didn’t disappoint.
Have you tried anything from the Ordinary range?  I’m planning on reviewing some of their skincare in a future monthly review!  Tell me in the comments if you’ve tried or want to try the foundation or any of there other products!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



    • August 28, 2017 / 2:36 pm

      I definitely recommend it! If you can get a hold of it you definitely should!
      Jas xx

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