Broke But Not Bored | A Cheap Visit to Brighton

Broke But Not Bored | A Cheap Visit to Brighton

Yes I know that we’re reaching the end of September, and I know that Autumn has “technically” begun… Don’t get me wrong I love Autumn, I am, after all an Autumn baby!  However, I also love summer activities, and I figured that before it got too cold I’d tell you all about how to do a day in Brighton cheaply!
Though I was born and bred in London, I can’t resist a visit to Brighton every once in a while!  I’m a lover of sea and the pier and all things fair-related… However, I’m aware that if you’re not careful it can get a little expensive.  Therefore, I figured I’d point out some ways to do Brighton a little cheaper…
1) Use Railcards for Cheap Travel: £10
If you’re savvy and book your tickets early enough you can get some pretty great deals!  People from the age of 16-25 can buy railcards (I think they’re around £30 for a 3 year deal) and they entitle you to a third off of train prices in England!  Using this and conveniently choosing “non-peak” timed trains, I managed to pick up a return ticket from Brighton_3London to Brighton for £10 – that’s £5 each way!  If you ask me, that’s a pretty great bargain.
2) Check out O2 Priority for Cheap Food: £5
One of the obvious choices for food is fish and chips, but if you’re feeling somewhere different, O2 customers can enjoy £5 Main Courses at Pizza Express each week, regardless of the time or day!  Have a little browse on O2 Priority to find this deal and more, there’s always great stuff on there!  
If you don’t have O2, there are a bunch of deals on Groupon, Wowcher, Vouchercloud, and random internet websites all the time, you just have to look a little harder…
3) Relax with a View at the Pier: FREEbrighton_1.jpg
Yes, it’s common to associate the Pier with the arcade or the rides, but it’s also a great place to relax and take in a view of the ocean!  Not only is the pier free entrybut there are also free deckchairs for lounging on the deck!  If you and your friends want a nice little break, chill out in a free deckchair and take in the smells of freshly made doughnuts and sea-salt.
4) Peruse the Streets for Cheap Comic Books: 50p
Though this one didn’t apply as much to me, it proved to be of interest for some of my friends!  If you are a comic book lover check out the North Laines; the home of vintage shops and comic book stores!  A bunch of the stores have really great deals and we spotted a few with comic boxes of comic books outside, priced for as little as 50p!  Go have a browse in the North Laines and go between each shop for the best deals.
Brighton_2.JPG5) Have a Picnic on the Beach: LESS THAN £5
If you and your friends don’t want to spend all that money on food, plan a picnic in advance!  Designate items to each person (sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, fruit etc.) and by the time you’ve spread them out each person should end up spending hardly anything!
Bring the things with you or buy them at the shops between the train station and the beach (I think I saw a Tescos and a Sainsburys), then gather on the beach and have a cute little picnic with your friends.
And there you have it!  Honestly with a place like Brighton all you really need is good company to have a good time, but here were some of the cheap ideas that I thought of!
What should I do for the next “Broke but Not Bored” post?  Leave me any suggestions in the comments!

Lots of love,
Jas xx



  1. September 27, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    I’ve always wanted to visit Brighton! It looks really nice. Maybe for your next Broke but Not Bored you could do getting food/places to eat in London? Whenever I’ve visited all my money’s been drained on eating… 🙂

    • September 27, 2017 / 9:35 pm

      That’s a great idea! I’m currently at Uni in Bristol, but when I get back to London in December I will definitely explore cheap places to eat there!
      Jas xx

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