DIY (Uni) Room Decor

DIY (Uni) Room Decor

As I mentioned in my favourites post last week, I’ve been really into DIY recently…  My new Uni room is probably the biggest room I’ve ever owned so I’ve been filling the space with as many homemade decorations as possible.  Finding DIY’s that don’t like incredibly “handmade” (you know what I mean) can be hard sometimes, so I tried to do DIY’s that you could tell were homemade, but had an air of “This could have been bought in store”.  They’re all quite simple, however if you’re looking for something really quick and easy, check out the last of the DIY’s.  So, without a do, here’s how I made some of the decorations in my room:
The Wool Heart
I’d seen this done online a few times and thought I’d give it a try for myself!  In order to make this you need:

  • A square wooden board (I got mine from HobbyCraftDIY_Heart1
  • White acrylic paint (Also from HobbyCraft)
  • A piece of (scrap) paper & a pencil
  • Scissors
  • Blutac
  • A Hammer
  • Some pins (I got the 25mm brass ones from HobbyCraft)
  • Some wool (You can pick this up at a lot of places, but HobbyCraft also sells it)

The Steps…
DIY_Heart61) Take the wooden board, a paintbrush and the white paint, and paint the wooden board until it’s a solid white (It took me 3 to 4 coats, with some drying in between.) DIY_Heart3
2) While you leave the painted board to dry completely, cut a heart out of the scrap paper.  (If you’re anything like me and can’t draw a heart free-hand, fold the scrap paper in half, draw half a heart, cut it out and unfold it)
DIY_Heart7.JPG3) Once the board is dry, use the Blutac to temporarily stick the heart in the centre of the board, and then hammer pins into it, equal distance apart, around the heart.DIY_Heart8.JPG
4) Tie the beginning of your wool to one of the pins, and then randomly thread the wool in between all of your pins.  Stop when your heart looks how you want it to look, and tie it to your final pin when you’re done.  And there you have it, you should now have a cute looking wool heart to hang on your wall!
The Photo Board
I got this idea after seeing one of these in IKEA, but it was like £16 and I figured it was simple enough to make a cheaper one for myself… Surprisingly, it actually worked out okay!  For this you need:

  • A rectangular wooden board (I used a shelf from my sister’s old wardrobe, but you can get one at AmazonDIY_Photo1.JPG
  • White acrylic paint (I used the same one from HobbyCraft)
  • Spray paints of your colour choice (I used gold & bronze ones from HobbyCraft)
  • A Hammer
  • Nails (Again, used the same ones as above from HobbyCraft)
  • Some elastic string (I got mine from Tiger)
  • Some mini wooden craft pegs (I got like 100 for 99p from Amazon)
  • Photos/Postcards of your choice

The Steps…
DIY_Photo21) Use the white paint to paint the board a solid colour (It took me 3 to 4 coats between drying again) DIY_Photo3.JPG
2) Once the board has dried make the background cool with some spray paints.  You can get creative with a stencil, or do what I did and attempt to make some arty splodges… (In order to make the splodges I just sprayed the paint in random places from different distances).
DIY_Heart10.JPG3) Once it’s all dry again, hammer the pins into both sides of the board, going down in a vertical line leaving vertical space for photos between each set of pins.DIY_Photo5.JPG
4) Get the elastic string, tie it to the pins and form a string line from one side of the board to the other side, between each set of pins.  (I don’t know if I explained that well, but it should make sense in the picture)
5) Hang your wooden pegs on different places along the strings.  (If you want to you can colour the pegs a different colour as well, I just sprayed them with the spray paint I used earlier)  Then you’re done, hang your photos on your board and enjoy!
Cute Map in a Frame
This one’s definitely the simplest one, but it still looks pretty effective!  I based the idea off of a couple versions I saw on Pinterest, but those involved card and Stanley knives and I reckoned I could make it simpler… All you need is: DIY_Map1

  • An A4 Frame (I got the Fiskbo Frame for like £2 in IKEA)
  • A laptop
  • Microsoft Word, or some sort of similar program
  • A printer and some paper

The Steps…
1) Go on google images and find a map of your choice.  (I found one of London because that’s my home town, but you can pick wherever you want.)DIY_Map7
2) Copy and paste your image into a Word Document and use the “Crop to Shape” feature (Found in the options when you click underneath the “crop” button) to select the shape you want the map to be. DIY_Map2
3) Position your cropped image where you want it, add text underneath if you want (I put my date of birth because I was born in London so it made sense to me) and print it off.
4) Put your print out in the frame and you’re done!  You now have a simpler version of the Pinterest-esque cute map in a frame!
Hope you enjoyed these!  This post was pretty different for me but I had fun making these so I thought I’d share them with you!  What are your opinions?  Let me know in the comments!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



  1. September 28, 2017 / 4:02 pm

    I love all of these, they really look great yet seem to be easy to make. 🙂

  2. October 11, 2017 / 9:12 pm

    I absolutely loved this post Jasmine, and I am so sorry to only be reading it now! The little map one is my favourite, that’s such a cute one. They all came out great! – Tasha

    • October 12, 2017 / 12:00 am

      Thank you so much Tasha! No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it haha because I haven’t done one of these posts before!
      Jas xx

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