Productive Procrastination…

Productive Procrastination…

I am a productive procrastinator.
What does this mean?  Is this even a thing?  I have no idea if it’s legitimate, but hey, it’s the perfect way to describe the way in which I procrastinate.
You see, procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something, usually by watching TV or sleeping, to avoid more mundane but necessary tasks.  For students, procrastination becomes a way of life, however I can’t just nap or binge watch TV (I mean… I always binge watch TV, but I do that as an extra, not as an act of procrastinating), I procrastinate by doing some other sort of task.  Case in point:  I’m writing this blog post instead of packing for Uni right now (Yes, I know I’ve mentioned that I’m already at Uni, but hey guess what this post has been scheduled in advance).
People often refer to me as “organised”, and yes, from the outside it looks like I go above and beyond with organisation, but the truth is, organising my life is just another way in which I procrastinate.  Don’t want to do an essay?  I’ll write a blog post.  Want to put off revising?  I’ll design my revision timetable for next years units… I think that’s why my late night ramblings became a series on my blog; why sleep when you can write a blog post?
I guess you could say it’s a good thing?  After all, I do get things done…  just not the right things at the right time.  When I really think about my personality and whatnot I guess it does make sense.  I’m terrified of failure (the reason that I procrastinate), but I also get restless very easy, and have to be doing something.  By organising and completing “productive” tasks while I avoid my responsibilities, I can live under a mask of togetherness, and feel less stressed about what I’m avoiding.  Yes, “productive procrastination” is an oxymoron, and yes, it doesn’t make complete sense, but that pretty much sums up exactly who I am.
This was a pretty short one, like I said I was typing it whilst I avoided packing so it was just a quick little ramble about my odd habits.  Have you guys ever productively procrastinated?  I’d love to know that I’m not alone!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



  1. September 25, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    So glad I’m not alone in this, especially because I also use my blog as a form of productive procrastination 😂
    Anna xx

    • September 25, 2017 / 3:06 pm

      Haha glad you liked it! As far as habits go I guess it’s not the worst way to procrastinate 😉
      Jas xx

  2. October 2, 2017 / 1:32 am

    I really wish that I was this kind of a procrastinator!

    • October 2, 2017 / 8:02 am

      Haha I suppose it’s not the worst type to be!
      Jas xx

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