Friend's Fashion Makeover

Friend's Fashion Makeover

Sometimes in life, the most unexpected things can be the things you end up loving the most…  Me and my friend Eni from The Struggling Student Survival Guide decided to test this little theory for ourselves, with our own take on the “Boyfriend/Friend haul”.
If you haven’t heard of the Boyfriend/Friend Haul, it’s a trend going around Youtube/the blogging community in which a boyfriend or friend buys an outfit for you – but we switched it up a little bit… Both of us were given a £30 budget on Boohoo, and had to find an outfit for the other person in a style that we thought would suit them, but was different to what they usually wear.  Below is the thought process behind what Eni ordered for me, my unboxing of it and initial reactions, and the final outfit try on with opinions, so stay tuned!
Eni’s Thoughts…

“When it came to buying an outfit for Jasmine I wanted to get something she might not usually go for – for Jas, who’s usual wardrobe is full of black (though she is branching out!), I, florallover627, kinda wanted to get her wearing something bright! I literally couldn’t recall ever seeing her wear yellow, but I do think that yellow is a colour that suits her complexion so I said hey, something yellow is a must! Then I decided to get a little funky and go with trousers in an interesting cut, and floral because…. well I just love floral. I teamed it with a bright white top and a brighter yellow cardigan and honestly was excited to see how it would come together!”

I was very excited for this package to arrive, and opened it as soon as I possibly could.  Eni got me:

  • A Yellow Kimono: It’s a mustard yellow more than a bright yellow, which is actually quite a coincidence because I’ve been trying to get into mustard yellow recently!  It’s pretty thin and would probably be a great summer/holiday cardigan so I guess I’ll see what it looks like on… Link here
  • A White Crop Top: I have white crop tops and I do wear them quite a bit (in my quest to be more body confident) however this is quite different to ones that I own… It seems to have some tie up detail that should go around your stomach?  It will be interesting to see what it looks like… Link here
  • Floral Ruffle Trousers: This is definitely out of the box for me because I don’t really wear trousers (other than jeans).  They look like they might be 3/4 length, and have ruffles at the bottom which is definitely different for me… However I do quite like the pattern of them, so again, we shall see… Link here

The Try On…
actually really liked the outfit!  I never would have picked something like this in a million years; I don’t wear trousers, especially of this (stretchy scuba?  I think) material, and I always thought that tie around crop tops would really emphasise my non-flat stomach.  In all honesty, I was incredibly self-conscious when I tried the outfit one… But after some posing for pics and wearing it for a while, I grew to really like it.  It’s way out of my comfort zone, but it’s actually pretty flattering, and I’m actually planning on keeping it all, and adding the items to my wardrobe.
Hope you liked this post!  It was actually really fun to do and hopefully I can do more collabs as fun as this in the future!  Go and check out Eni’s blog to find out what outfit I picked for her, and also her content in general because she’s pretty great!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



  1. September 11, 2017 / 3:34 pm

    This is such a cool post! Love the challenge and the outfit !!

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