My Experience at Bloggers Festival

My Experience at Bloggers Festival

A few weeks ago, in the gorgeous Conrad St James in London, hundreds of bloggers and brands gathered to take photos, socialise, and generally just have a great time, and I was one of them!  I’m still a tiny blogger, there’s no denying that.  I mean, I’ve been blogging for less than a year and I haven’t even considered going self hosted/monetized, so the fact that this event was accessible for all “levels” of bloggers was absolutely fantastic!  
This particular event was Bloggers Festival London, organised and hosted by Scarlett London and took place on the 23rd September.  The morning of the event I met up with a few of my online blogger friends in Victoria beforehand because, honestly, I don’t think I could have done it alone.  After a cute little Cafe Rouge brunch and a couple of mimosas, we then headed to the venue – a little worried, a lot excited, and not quite sure what to expect…
The second we walked in it was clear from the instagrammable balloon photo wall that this event had been designed for bloggers.  I won’t lie, we took more than a few pictures, however the photo opportunities didn’t stop there!  There were countless cute backdrops and personalised little gifts and props and tonnes of brands to talk to and network!  I won’t discuss them all, because Scarlett London really excelled with the number of companies involved, but I figured it might be nice to mention my highlights.  Things that stuck out for me were…
La Fete Events Styling… The whole event was styled by event/wedding stylers La Fete.  I hadn’t heard about them before, (I mean, I’ve never really had to plan an event or wedding before so that’s probably why…) but after the event they definitely stuck in my mind!  Not only were they responsible for the very cute, very instagrammable BloggerFest_1backgrounds, but they also arranged a row of tables and props, prepped for flatlays, and offered all bloggers a cute, personalised label or shell (of your choice) to include in all your photos!  I think the personalised prop, for me, was what really made it special.  Check them out here
Bear Hugs Gifts… Speaking to founder Faye and hearing her story really touched my heart.  A few years ago she was really sick, and lost her job as a result of it and was generally just feeling really down, and her friend bought her a care box of things that she thought would cheer her up… it did.  When Faye started getting better, the impact of the care box had stuck with her, and so she went to the Princes Trust and asked if they wanted to build this business with her.  Bear Hugs Gifts allows you to send personalised gift boxes (you can fill it with tea, chocolate, fluffy socks and much more) to your friends when you think they may need a bit of a “bear hug”.  The idea seemed absolutely adorable to me, and I won’t lie, I considered buying one for myself!  Check them out here
Stackers Jewellery Boxes… I’m a sucker for anything storage/organisation related, so this customisable jewellery storage company was right up my ally!  Firstly, the colours BloggerFest_2they’re using for their new range were so aesthetically pleasing, and exactly my kind of colour scheme, and they were kind enough to gift me one of their small cream customisable jewellery boxes, which I am incredible thankful for!  Check them out here
7th Heaven Masks… As you may have read in my September monthly review, I’m on a bit of a skincare journey at the moment, so I was very excited to talk to 7th Heaven, a cruelty free, vegan beauty brand that have just brought out a new Charcoal Peel off face mask (to go along with their massive range of existing face masks).  They seemed amazingly sociable, have great ethics and seem to really care about skincare.  As I write this (I’m writing this on the evening of Bloggers Festival), I’m yet to try their masks, however they provided me with a bunch so you sure can expect a review coming soon…  Check them out here
As well as a lot of the brands offering samples and testers, Scarlett London also supplied a goody bag which was absolutely amazing!  Within that I was gifted with:

  • White Glo dissolving whitening strips (I actually can’t wait to try these out)
  • Regenerate advanced toothpaste 
  • Revive Lemongrass and Ginger bodywash and lotion
  • Funkin cocktails Skinny Mojito cocktail mix in a cocktail shaker (my flatmates are excited for this one)
  • Tiana raw extra virgin coconut oil
  • Bioderma micellar water (I swear by the Garnier one, so I’m intrigued by this)
  • Murad exfoliating cleanser 
  • Drink Vieve rhubarb and strawberry protein water
  • Camoflage London foldable tote bag
  • Sockshop “Heat holders” (very fluffy socks that are supposed to hold in heat well… as a resident of a cold student house I’m very ready for these)

The event was brilliant.  I went into it with no expectations, because I’ve never been to anything like this before, but I was really impressed!  Scarlett London did an absolutely amazing job and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to something like this!  Honestly, the whole thing is crazy to me because I feel like I only just started started blogging, and even when I started, I never thought I’d actually do anything with my blog.  Seeing how far I’ve come in the last year in terms of confidence and personal growth is really amazing for me, and now I’m ready for what may come in the future!
Hope you enjoyed this run down of my experience at Bloggers Fest, and feel free to tell me in the comments if there are any products here in particular that you’d want me to do a review on!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



  1. September 29, 2018 / 8:51 am

    I got here from your latest blog post: “The Thing That Changed the Game”. Bloggers Fest sounds so amazing! I hope I’ll have a chance to attend events like this when I move to the UK. Meeting with online blogger friends in the real life is a such a good chance to have.
    Thank you for this lovely post.
    Sima x |

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      September 30, 2018 / 6:40 pm

      Awwww I would definitely recommend if you get a chance!

      Jas xx

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