Marc Jacobs Highliners – In Depth January Review

Marc Jacobs Highliners – In Depth January Review

So today marks the first of my in depth monthly review series for 2018!  The series were I review a product, brand or service in depth, detailing: 

  • The details of the product (price and company)
  • First impressions
  • My opinions at least 1 week later
  • Whether it’s worth the money

This month I am featuring the Marc Jacobs Highliners, which I was incredibly fortunate enough to be sent by John Lewis and Marc Jacobs through Influenster.  However, as you know, I keep things incredibly honest and my reviews can and will never be influenced by money and/or sponsorships.  
Before receiving these I’d only ever owned one other high-end eyeliner, and that was the Benefit “They’re Real” push-up liner.  I loved it at the time because it was the first eyeliner I’d ever tried, however once I delved into the world of makeup and realised that you could get drugstore eyeliners for £3-5, I realised that it wasn’t as good as I once thought.  I’ve found some great cheap eyeliners and so haven’t bothered delving back into high-end ones, so on testing these Marc Jacobs ones out, I really wanted to see if they were noteworthy…
The Details…
Marc Jacobs describe these highliners as eyeliners as matte gel eye crayons that provide intense, waterproof colour that is incredibly long-wearing.  It is supposed to be “like a gel eyeliner in crayon form“, which is actually quite exciting for me as I love the look of gel eyeliner but don’t have the skill to apply eyeliner with a brush.
These highliners are available from John Lewis in the UK, are priced at £20 each, and can be found in 12 different colours; You have your normal blacks and browns, and then a variety of very bright, vivid colours.
First Impressions…


Marc Jacobs Highliners in the shades Popular and Overnight

I received the colours Popular, a vivid, bright pink colour and Overnight, a dark blue colour, which, I won’t lie, are both very out of my comfort zone.  I think I’ve mentioned this before but I only really started wearing makeup at 17 (I’m 20 now) and even then it was just foundation and lipstick… I’d say that I only really understood and could properly execute a makeup look at 19.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in no way an expert at all and I don’t do anything remotely fancy, but I can do a full face.  Before receiving these, I’d only ever used and owned black eyeliner, so coloured eyeliner is a whole new world for me.
However, I’m very excited to give these a go!  On swatching them, I can say that they’re probably the creamiest eyeliners I’ve ever used which could be good because I love lining my waterline, and so the gentler the better.  However, my biggest worry with them being creamy is that they’ll leak in my waterline, because I am yet to find an eyeliner that doesn’t eventually leak in my waterline.
My Opinions 2 weeks after…
Like I said, I had no clue how to use coloured eyeliner, but luckily the package came with an easy little tip sheet with recommended styles and uses!  So, over two weeks I gave them a go.  These are incredibly long-lasting, most definitely waterproof (I washed my face and it was still firmly in place), and produce beautiful pigment that does not fade away over the time you wear them.  I wore them out for many different days, for different lengths of time and they showed great consistency.  Oh, and surprisingly, they happened to be the first eyeliner that didn’t leak in my waterline so that was incredibly exciting!
The first thing I tried was “Undersmoking” (as named in the tip sheet they gave) in which you line your waterline, then smudge it out with a cotton bud to create a somewhat subtle smokey eye.  This became a really easy go-to that looked simple, but also like I had made some sort of an effort and I was a pretty big fan of employing this look with the blue shade “overnight”.  One thing I noted is that you definitely have to work quickly if you want to smoke them out as they dry down in around 10 seconds, and once they’re dry they don’t budge.  

Getting a little creative with coloured eyeliner

I also took a chance with a bold bright pink wing, and I have to say I am absolutely in love with this look.  Like I said, I’m never really very adventurous with my makeup, but this provoked me to be more adventurous, and it was the right level of both bold and subtle.  I wore this look out to a couple of different events and nights out that I went to because it was something different for me whilst also being something that I was comfortable with wearing.  The pink one is definitely my favourite and I’m excited to keep trying more and more looks with it because it really adds a pop of colour that brightens up my eyes!
I have to say, I might be a coloured eyeliner convert after this!  I slowly learnt how to use it, and got more comfortable wearing it out, and these are great for a quick pop of colour!  The one thing I would say is that though creaminess makes them amazing to apply, they’ll probably wear down quite quickly, which isn’t the best considering they cost £20.
Is it Worth the Money?
I will not lie, these are legitimately the best eyeliners I’ve tried (albeit, I’ve probably only tried 4 or 5 different eyeliners in my life).  However, are they worth £20?  Are they considerably different from my go-to £4 eyeliner?
I’d have to say that yes, I would repurchase one of these again – but only the colourful onesand not the normal black/brown ones.  My reasoning behind this is that, as a black girl, it can be really hard to find pigmented colours that show up on my skin tone, and these show up so beautifully, so I may actually invest in a couple more colours.  The formula is beautiful and definitely better than the cheaper eyeliners I use, but for black eyeliners – a colour that quite easily shows up on my skin regardless of formula, I probably wouldn’t replace my current £4 one with one of these, as it’s not worth it.
I do recommend giving these a try or swatching them if you have the opportunity to, because they truly are beautiful and I plan to get a lot of use out of them!  I’m looking forward to exploring more with colour in my makeup routine and will probably post more looks on my Instagram as the first one I posted went down so well, so stay tuned for that!
Thanks again to Influenster, Marc Jacobs and John Lewis for the complimentary gifting of these highliners, and if you’d like to purchase them for yourself, click the link here!
Have you ever tried these?  Or plan to in the future?  Let me know in the comments!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



  1. January 28, 2018 / 11:04 pm

    I’ve been dying to try these out, because honestly, the shades are gorgeous, but like you, they’re also way outside my comfort zone and kind of expensive. I’m so happy they actually work though! Now I have to go out and buy them! 🙂 I love the way you used the pink eyeliner too, looks simple but gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • January 28, 2018 / 11:07 pm

      Awwwww I definitely think you should give them ago! And thank you I’m glad you like the look because I really was just experimenting!
      Jas xx

  2. February 10, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    The pink one looks beautifully on you!

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