The Book of Mormon… Hmmmmm

The Book of Mormon… Hmmmmm

So, my friends and I went to see the Book of Mormon…

I feel like this review is going to be slightly controversial because I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about it.  However, I’m sorry to say that I?  Didn’t?  Like?  It?


What is The Book of Mormon?

The book of Mormon is a musical exploring and parodying the teachings of the Mormon Church.  I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I won’t go into a lot of detail.  But, essentially it focuses on two Mormons who must travel to Africa to complete their teachings.

I went into it, like I go into most musicals, having no real idea of the plot.   For me personally, I feel like that’s the best way to enjoy the theatre.  However, I did not expect the plot to go into the direction that it did.  Maybe it was my own fault for expecting something very different, but I wasn’t really a fan of where it went.  I felt like a lot of parts of it were (a little more than) vaguely problematic and as a result, spent a lot of the play feeling uncomfortable…


General Thoughts…

Don’t get me wrong, I like dark humour, and I’ve never really been one to be easily offended by things.  I honestly don’t mind the taboo and controversial topics.  However, for me, Book of Mormon took it too far.  

I get that that was the point, and it’s supposed to demonstrate people’s ignorance.  However, I found so many bits of it to be too dark with little to no humour, again, just making me uncomfortable.  It wasn’t even a question of “Should I be laughing?” it was more of a question of “Why are other people?”

One thing that my friend and I noted that they mocked everyone and everything.  In theory, this should of made it better and less offensive.  However, when only some of the groups that you’re mocking are minorities, and the rest are considered to be traditionally more “privileged” groups, suddenly the humour doesn’t feel right…



I hate to come out of things 100% negative and I’m one to always look for a silver lining.  I thought that the choreography was great; it was the right balance of professional and comical, and actually pretty enjoyable to watch.  Those Mormons sure did know how to tap dance, and that put a smile on my face.

The songs were also great, musically!  However, this is probably the first musical where I don’t think I had a stand out song?  They all were the same level of average to me.  Although, I guess if I had to pick, I’d go with the opening song and the song set in hell.

Honestly, I felt like the actors involved were great, and the first 3 songs made the musical seem like it was off to a great start, but it was just disappointing to think about where it went from there.


A Little Reminder…

Again, do not come into the comments and tell me that the dark humour is the point.  I understood exactly what they were supposed to be doing, but I just didn’t think it was executed well.  

It could have been amazing, and maybe I just saw a performance where the jokes didn’t land… Perhaps other people have seen better performances, I just didn’t feel that ours was all that.  I’ve mentioned multiple times on here that I’m such a lover of musical theatre.  Therefore, it is very rare that I genuinely find something I wouldn’t see again.  However, I hate to say that this might be the one for me.

Maybe I missed the humour?  Maybe I just didn’t get it?  I’m very curious to hear what other people who have seen it think.  I’m honestly open to all opinions, I’m just surprised to have never heard a bad word about it…


Have you seen Book of Mormon?  Let me know what you thought!  All I ask is that you’re respectful with your comments if you disagree with me…

Lots of love,

Jas xx





  1. June 27, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    I totally know what you mean. BOM is a fun show, but I really don’t like the humour. I think it crosses too many lines. They’re the kind of jokes that you really can’t even talk about or reference outside of the theatre because they’re just so rude.
    When my family went to NYC last month my mom was looking into shows that we could go see and she suggested BOM, but I told her “you couldn’t pay me to sit next to you and watch that” because my parents are fairly serious Catholics and I would just cringe too hard.
    Honestly, I’m surprised it’s done so well. It’s got a few good songs and all, but it’s not even in my top 20 favourite shows, and I’m a little disappointed that society has accepted it as a quality musical.

    • June 30, 2018 / 11:12 pm

      Haha yeah I couldn’t imagine watching it with my family either! I’m also surprised it’s done so well…
      Jas xx

  2. josypheen
    June 27, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    I do get what you mean. I did find some of the parts in Africa quite problematic but then, I figured that was the whole point. They are trying to make you laugh *and* think about how messed up the world is. I think you might have liked it more if you had known what to expect.
    In the end I really liked it, but I can totally see why you were not keen. This is one musical that I would NEVER take my mother in law to!!

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