Reading Again & Nailing the Narrative…

Reading Again & Nailing the Narrative…

As you may know if you’ve read any of my uni-related posts, I study English Literature and Philosophy.  Which means, due to the English Literature side, I never really stop reading.  I have been up to my nose in reading lists from Shakespeare to Samuel Beckett since I’ve started.  Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed reading less.  

I used to be an avid reader.  I’ve been able to flick through chunky novels in a matter of days since the age of 7.  Reading used to be one of my favourite forms of escapism.  Then the books got boring and the essays got involved and reading was nothing more than another form of work.  Its value was tied into my academia, and reading for fun was a thing of the past.  This summer, I made a goal to get back into reading because I wanted to, with books of my choice.  This way, I can bring back the joy that it used to come with.  However, I needed something to hole me accountable.  So, me and my friends devised a plan…

The Plan…

This summer, me, Eni from Struggling Student Survival Guide, and Crystal from Et Tu, World? will embark on a summer reading challenge.  We’ve all fallen out of love with reading and wanted to expand our minds in a different way to how our uni courses do.  So, we’re starting our own book club…

We took great inspiration from The Banging Book Club, led by Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon and Leena Norms, in which they read a book about sex and/or gender every month, and then discuss it in a monthly podcast.  However, we don’t have a podcast and we’re all bloggers, so we’ve decided that every two weeks, one of us will upload a blog post about our combined thoughts on our latest book – so make sure that you’re following all 3 of us so you can keep up with our thoughts on the latest books!  Our series will be called Nailing the Narrativeand we’ll be discussing and getting to grips with each one.
Selecting the books was hard, because, having my whole curriculum based on books, I feel like I’m out of touch with what’s currently “in” for people my age.  However, we went on what’s been attracting us most recently, and they all tend to be along the lines of modern self-help, adulting, and identity (My, have we grown since the days of Jacqueline Wilson and Princess Diaries).  We’ve compiled a list of books to take us through the summer, and honestly I’m excited to get into them… Maybe some will even change my outcome on things, I’m going in with an open mind.
If you want to read along with us on certain books, want to know when and where certain posts will be out, or simply are just curious, I’ve included the reading list below and it will be updated with each post as we move through the summer…

Reading List

You Do You*, Sarah Knight on Thoughts From Jasmine  (25th June)

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race*Reni Eddo-Lodge on Et Tu, World? (9th July)

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck*Sarah Knight on Struggling Student Survival Guide (23rd July)

How Do You Like Me Now?Holly Bourne on Thoughts From Jasmine (6th August)

And more to be confirmed…

We’re very excited for this, and I hope you enjoy our upcoming posts!
Lots of love,
Jas xx



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