Amazing bloggers to follow pt. 2! | Blogmas Day 18

Amazing bloggers to follow pt. 2! | Blogmas Day 18

If you recall, on day 5 of Blogmas I listed 5 bloggers that you should definitely follow.  In that post I mentioned that that was only the first of 2 parts.  I’d actually selected 10 bloggers, I just didn’t want to put them all in one post.  So, without further ado, here are the next 5 who deserve all the sucess in the world:

6) Alice from According to Alice

Alice is one of my bloggers to follow


Subject: Beauty

Favourite post:  This recent one on everyday curls

Alice is so unbelievably cute.  Earlier this year she went through a massive chop and completely switched up her hair, which I have been absolutely obsessed with.  She suits the bob and bangs look so well, and considering that her hair posts are some of my favourite posts that she does, it works out well.  Also, to top it off, she’s a really sweet person, so you should go check her out.

7) Flo from Cherishing Flo

Flo is one of my bloggers to follow


Subject: Lifestyle (Positivity)

Favourite post: This post about blogger misconceptions because wow relateable

Flo is one of the most supportive bloggers that I’ve encountered since blogging, so it was a no-brainer that she needed to be mentioned.  Flo’s writing style is honest and sassy whilst also retaining a great element of positivity and I absolutely love it.  She’s sweet but honest and incredibly down to Earth.  If you’re going to check her out, I also recommend you checking out her Instagram and her Twitter, as her personality transcends on those too.

8) Tabitha from Take Heart UK

Tabby is one of my bloggers to follow

Instagram: @takeheartuk

Subject: Lifestyle

This one’s kind of cheating, because this is an Instagram account and not a blog, but Tabby also has a blog!  (I think… She definitely has a YouTube channel though.)  I couldn’t write this list and not include Tabby, because Tabby is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram.  Her Instagram stories are so real and down to earth, and she chats about life and love and work and much more.  I don’t know if she saves them to her highlights, but one of my favourites have been the one where she got real about her love life and what the future holds, and the one where she talked about Instagram stories not letting her show her real skin.  Everything she says is so honest and open and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

Also, the sheer amount of work that Tabby puts into her content is insane.  Her effort really shines through and I’m in awe of it.  She is one of my biggest inspirations on the platform.

9) Oui Si Yes Tash

Tash is one of the bloggers to follow


Subject: Travel/Lifestyle

Favourite post: Her post on getting over a breakup 

I met Tash around 4 years ago now (Wow, time goes quickly) at a Durham University summer school, and since then we’ve followed eachother on various social media platforms.  Before embarking on her year abroad, she started a blog to document her travels and it’s so amazing and well written.  She opens up about different aspects of her life, new life experiences and what it’s really like travelling alone.  If you want travel content that’s a little deeper and generally has multiple layers, she’s the one for you.

10) Becky from The Owlet Blog

Becky is one of my bloggers to follow


Subject: Travel

My favourite post: Her post about the power of the internet 

I first encountered Becky because she was one of the big bloggers in Bristol.  Little did I know that she’s literally so down to Earth and really sweet.  Becky’s blog is mainly travel, but she also throws in some food, lifestyle, plus size content and  deep musings on blogging.  I love how real she is and also how cute and chatty her writing style comes across.  I strongly recommend you give her a read.

Aaaaand those are the last of my blogger recommendations!  There are so many amazing bloggers and it was hard to narrow it down to just 10, but these are the blogs that I always find myself going back to. 

Let me know if you’ve checked these out/if you plan to!

Lots of love,

Jas xx




  1. December 21, 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Omg thanks so much for including me!!! You’re so sweet!

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 21, 2018 / 3:18 pm

      No problem! Like I said, you were a no brainer!

      Jas xx

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