It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Sleep Deprivation | Blogmas Day 24

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Sleep Deprivation | Blogmas Day 24

If you hadn’t gathered, I love Christmas.  I love the build up.  I love the anticipation.  It’s a constant whir of excitement and meeting family and friends and giving presents and, for someone addicted to being busyI thrive.  However, I find that one part of the Christmas holidays always seems to get to me… The sleep deprivation.

But you never sleep?

I’m aware that I never sleep.  No need to draw attention to it, gosh.  Yes, I have a terrible sleeping pattern all year round, but that’s only made worse at Christmas time.  All the excitement and gift planning and travelling from house to house leaves me with this endless buzzing feeling and, as a result, sleeping becomes a real mission.

I go from my usual 5-6 hours a night to a solid 4 if I’m lucky.  It’s a serious problem, and no matter how happy I am, I’m always some what of a happy Christmas zombie.

But you get the Christmas season off of Uni…

Here’s the thing.  We get 3 weeks off for Easter, and 3 weeks off for Christmas, yet only one of those feels like a break.  In short:

  • I get 21 days off for Christmas: 21 days of rest.
  • 5 of those (Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day) are spent celebrating with family and/or friends: 16 days of rest.
  • Now we take into account the 2 days of packing/unpacking and travelling to and from Uni: 14 days of rest.
  • And the day dedicated to last minute Christmas shopping for those people I missed: 13 days of rest.
  • Throw in at least 2 meetups with the friends from home who I haven’t seen since September: 11 days of rest.
  • And then add revision for January exams, part time work because I have no money, and unexpected family visits: You’re in the minus numbers, pal.

Yes, to some, this may seem like the entitled ramblings of a Uni student.  And yes, I’m aware that people with 9-5 jobs have to go to work straight after Christmas with no complaints.  However, I’m allowed to have my moan too.  I love the Christmas season with all my heart, but the last thing I would call it is a break.  It’s a lot of effort and tiredness and MY GOD.  I NEED SLEEP.

So… you don’t love Christmas?

I do.  Like I said, it’s my favourite time of the year.  I’m not having this moan to ask for condolences or join the Christmas hate parade.  I just believe that, with everything in life, you should be aware of the flaws as well as the happy moments.  Yes, this time of the year I turn into a Christmas Elf, sprikling positivity and glitter everywhere I go.  But I also understand that Christmas, like anything else, has some downsides.  For me, that’s the fact that sleep is basically non-existant.

Would I trade that sleep in for the memories?  Or the happiness I feel?   Absolutely not.

The joy that accompanies Christmas is worth all the sleepless nights to me.  Cheesey, I know… But what else did you expect on Christmas Eve?

Hope you’re all as excited as I am!  Does anybody else find the Christmas Holidays stressful?  Let me know in the comments!

1 day until Christmas!

Jas xx




  1. ashley firth
    December 29, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    I can totally relate! I have a tonne of marking to do over Christmas so aside from the usual Christmas stress I know how it feels to have added pressures. Happy new year 🥳 xxx

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 31, 2018 / 11:15 pm

      Happy new year to you too xx

      Jas xx

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