Have I failed? | Blogmas Day 22

Have I failed? | Blogmas Day 22

3 days left of Blogmas! And I thought I’d had a little bit of a reflection on how it went… Because I don’t know, a part of me feels like I have failed…

Why do you think that?

As you may have noticed if you’ve kept up with it, I haven’t exactly been the most consistent when it comes to the daily posting. This has been a mix of some real sad moments, University deadlines, laptop issues and just the general break that I needed for a moment or two. I know that I needed the break. I know that I did the best for my mental health. The truth is, I could have probably produced some sort of content if I really wanted to, but as I wrote towards the beginning of the month, I never wanted to produce rushed work of lower quality.

I stuck to my word, and I only produced posts that I thought were up to my usual blog standard. However, part of me still takes it as a failure. I should have been able to keep up with it all, and I’m kind of beating myself up for it.

Does it matter?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Like yeah, I put a lot of pressure on myself to upload on a regular basis, but does anyone actually care? I’m not exactly a massive blogger, so people aren’t waiting day by day on my posts. Also, I have a really nice readership! Anybody that does check up on me and my uploads does it in a nice, caring way and doesn’t exactly harass me. So does it really matter if I miss a day or wo?

The world will not end if I don’t publish on time. Nobody’s going to chase after me with flaming pitchforks. I just need to be better at convincing myself of this.

Would you do this again?

Probably, yes, but with a lot more free time. I may have been planning this since August, but plans and people change, and because my content is so me-focused, I can never account for where I’ll be in a couple of months. Therefore, I need a time where I’m not bogged down with deadlines and I actually have time to dedicate to the content that I’m putting out there.

Perhaps I’ll give it a try next year when I end up unemployed and taking a break. After all, I’ll need something to fill the time…

What have been your favourite posts?

There have been some posts that have stressed me out getting out there, some that I’ve found to be real diamonds and some that I loved from the get-go, so I definitely have some favourites. I really loved my thoughts on The Princess Switch, even if it didn’t perform as well as some others. It was different for me and really enjoyable to write. As well as that, I enjoyed my post a couple days ago on body image because that’s about to be the start of a cool series.

Honestly, a lot of the content has been really fun to create. It gave me a real surge of inspiration and I’m ready to come back fully rejuvinated for the new year.

Have you particularly enjoyed any of my content this last month?  Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx



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