Things to remember for my mental health | Blogmas Day 15

Things to remember for my mental health | Blogmas Day 15

As you may have gathered from my last post and lack of posts since, I got home and took a nice long break.  I took pressure off myself, relaxed, and honestly I haven’t stopped smiling since.  I was able to take a couple of steps back from everything and reevaluate my prioties and thought patterns.  So, I thought I’d write myself a little list of things to remember for my mental health.  Hopefully, I can refer to this list when I have my next internal freakout (I most definitely won’t).

1) Smile and be thankful.  You are surrounded by good people.

Time to remember those around me

Everytime I come home, I’m reminded of how amazing the people in my life truly are.  My family are everything and the strongest support system I could ask for, my sister’s a cutie who designs phone cases for me, and I have never had friends I feel so comfortable around.  These people are always there for me and I genuinely feel myself smiling more around them.  Obviously I am always appreciative of them, but in times of doubt and grossness I need to remember what a strong support system I’m surrounded by.

2) The world won’t crumble if you miss an upload.

I put so much pressure on myself to stick to my schedule.  I’ll stay up until 4am because I didn’t have time with Uni, or I’ll feel sick to my stomach until my upload’s ready.  Next year I want to be better at understanding that I can’t treat this like a full time job when I’m studying full time.  Obviously I’m still going to try to stick to my schedule, but I have a really lovely readership that don’t berate me for not uploading.  I actually have a surprising number of people that will check in on me if I haven’t uploaded in a while, but it’s always done in a caring way.

3) Put. Less. Pressure. On. Yourself.

I’m not perfect and I never claim to be, but man, I am so hard on myself.  I want to be kinder to myself when it comes to my expectations next year.


I’m pretty good at taking care of myself, but when I fall, I fall hard.  I had a week in October where I rarely moved from my bed.  2 of those days I didn’t eat at all, and I’m pretty sure I showered maybe once in that time period.  I was going through a really bad time and I really just didn’t care.  But I want to be better at putting self-care at the forefront, especially when I’m down.  Even if that’s as simple as showering and eating.

5) Spending money on yourself isn’t a bad thing

You may remember that in September I had a bit of a money panic, and since then I haven’t really spent anything on myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought food and paid bills and travel and school supplies.  Also, I’ve paid to replace jeans and trainers because I count those as “necessities”.  However, I haven’t really had a treat yo’self moment.  I used to love sale shopping or buying the occasional cute dress, and I want to get back to that.  I don’t intend to become a shopaholic or anything, but I deserve the occasional treat.

6) You are enough.

I swear, I’m such a bully to myself sometimes.  I’m more than enough and I may not be perfect but I can be pretty great.  I need to remember that. 

7) Tidy room, tidy mind

It sounds like something your mum would say to coax you into cleaning, but it really works.  I always feel like I have my life together if my rooms tidy, and I don’t tidy it nearly enough.  I want to get better at that.

It can be hard to make yourself a priority, especially when you’re going through a rough patch.  I’m hoping that these will help me in the future, and I’ll let you know if they do.

Let me know what you thought of this!  It was a little different!

Lots of love,

Jas xx




    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 20, 2018 / 5:11 pm

      It really can!

      Jas xx

  1. December 20, 2018 / 5:17 pm

    I used to over stressed over small things but I am so much chilled now. I also do not worry if I don’t stick to my schedule anymore but it took me some time to get out of it

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 20, 2018 / 5:24 pm

      Yeah, I reckon it will take me a while too!

      Jas xx

  2. December 20, 2018 / 5:18 pm

    I’m glad you are feeling better Jas! It sounds like you deserve a nice long relaxing break. This is a really great list of things to remember and one I really needed to read today, so thank you. I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately and feeling quite stressed. I think I need to take a break, forget about blogging for a bit and just enjoy Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful break lovely and wishing you all the best for an awesome 2019! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 20, 2018 / 5:27 pm

      Awwww I’m so glad that this helped you, I was hoping it would have a positive impact 🙂 I hope you get to take a break and have an amazing Christmas!

      Jas xx

  3. December 20, 2018 / 5:18 pm

    This is such a great blog post. Self care is important all year around, but especially at Christmas as it can be a stressful time. I agree with the put less pressure on yourself point as pressure can be really damaging.

    Eve |

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 20, 2018 / 6:07 pm

      Thank you so much, yeah pressure can be really damaging!

      Jas xx

  4. December 20, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    I needed to read this. As someone who is frequently up until 3am working, and then even later to attempt to wind down I feel like I should have similar goals. Come January I’ll probably still be stressed about doing this and that but I’ll keep this in mind 😂 x


    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      December 20, 2018 / 6:32 pm

      Haha I mean I’ll also probably be as stressed in January! But I’m going to attempt to get better at this…

      Jas xx |

  5. January 20, 2019 / 3:25 pm

    I think it’s a good thing to always remind ourselves about self-care and self-love. I can relate to some of the points you wrote there, especially tidying up my room! When I was stressed with uni, my room would always be in a mess, because I wouldn’t be in a mood to clean up. This year I want to make sure I tidy my room up every once in a while and if possible, declutter some of the things I don’t use anymore. Thank you for sharing this x

    Tyas //

    • thoughtsfromjasmine
      January 20, 2019 / 7:31 pm

      Thank you so much for reading!

      Jas xx

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