London Mayfair: What (not) to do*

London Mayfair: What (not) to do*

Despite attending University in Bristol, I am a London girl through and through. I live there outside of term-time, I’ve been here since I was a baby, and I constantly find new places to explore. Therefore, when I was asked to see what I could do in Mayfair with £70 spending money*, it seemed pretty perfect.

What’s Mayfair like?

Mayfair is a pretty bustling area of central London, filled with many a cool restaurant and bar. Parallel to Oxford Street, it’s literally in the heart of entertainment, cuisine and retail in London. I’ve been there many times as I walk around central London a lot, but I’ve never really focused on Mayfair specifically, so I was excited to give it a go. Also, if you’re not from the area, have a bunch of hotels in Mayfair on their website for you to check out!

The planning

My focus is always getting the best deal and towing the line between fancy and good value. Despite being provided the spending money for my London adventure, my motives weren’t going to change. So, I went hunting for deals and vouchers on various websites, and planned a couple big activities that seemed like they’d be worth it.

So what should you do?

1) Food and cocktails at MNKY HSE

Location: 10 Dover Street, W1S 4LQ

Price: £40 for 2 (with a Wowcher voucher)

My friend and I were going to the theatre, so it made sense to explore Mayfair beforehand and grab a bite to eat before the show. Though this restaurant was quite fancy and expensive (as most of Central London is), the Wowcher offer magically turned a £138 meal for 2 into a £40 one. £20 each for a 2 course meal and cocktails?! I was more than excited.

MNKY HSE is definitely the kind of place you want to go if you’re into the funky and elusive London vibe. It’s pretty hidden away (Apart from the giant monkey statue outside), and once inside you’re led downstairs to a dimly lit but gorgeously set out restaurant. It’s filled with candles and cool music and little monkey figurines on the napkins – very aesthetically pleasing. The waiters are incredibly sweet and attentive and the food is gorgeous and comes in very generous portion sizes. I strongly recommend the ceviche starter – it had amazing flavour.

Rating: 8.5/10

2) Afternoon tea at The Collonade Hotel

Location: 2 Warrington Crescent, W9 1ER

Price: £24 for 2 (with a Groupon)

This was particularly exciting for me, as my mum’s always complaining that I take friends to blog events and never her (As most of my opportunities happen in Bristol). So, I told her to make sure she was free one weekend, and to be ready and dressed nicely for a surprise.

The Colonnade hotel is super cute, located right around the corner from Little Venice, so you could have your tea and then stroll along the river (Although that’s probably more of a summer thing). They had a fine selection of teas (I personally opted for a peppermint) and though I was convinced the afternoon tea platter wouldn’t be enough, I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it. We had: a scone, jam and clotted cream, an eclair, a macaron, a brownie, a bit of carrot cake and 4 finger sandwiches (Ham and mustard, egg, cucumber and salmon and cream cheese) each, so a pretty impressive spread. It was super cute, and I would definitely go back.

Rating: 7/10

3) Burlington Arcade

Location: 51 Piccadilly, W1J 0QJ

Price: Free (until you buy things)

Let’s be real, London isn’t London without a shopping trip or two. Burlington arcade is one of the fancier areas to shop, with a whole lot of designer stores and gorgeous architecture. Though the stores aren’t really my style, the food selection certainly was, and the whole reason that I was tempted in was because of the heart shaped macaron window display in Laduree. Also, the store was encased in gold?! I appreciated the aesthetic.

Rating: 6/10

4) Free exhibitions at the RA

Location: Burlington House, W1J 0BD

Price: Free

I won’t lie, I didn’t actually know this was there. It’s somewhat hidden away, but they had a massive house displayed in the opening, so it was a little hard to miss. The Royal Academy of Arts is open for visitors, and has plenty of free exhibitions, for the art lovers that want to take a break from spending all their money. They recommend that you book in advance if you want to see an exhibition though.

This, like the Burlington Arcade, gets a pretty average review from me, justt because it’s not really my thing. I’m not the biggest appreciator of museums, but this one looked like a good one from an objective standpoint!

Rating: 6/10

Special contendors:

I only had time (And stomach space) to do a few things, but there were plenty of things that I walked past that also caught my eye. So, if you get the chance, some other things that seemed intriguing involved:

  • Getting a fancy doughnut from Crosstown Doughnuts and Coffee
  • Checking out the massive Waterstones (I’m a book fiend)
  • Getting fancy chocolate from Fortnum & Mason
  • Walking around Little Venice when all the flowers are out

And there you have it! A somewhat comprehensive list of things to in London Mayfair! Thank you so much to for providing the spending money for my adventures, and be sure to check out their hotels in Mayfair if you need somewhere to stay!

Have you been to Mayfair? What are some of your favourite things to do?

Lots of love,

Jas xx


*DISCLAIMER* The spending money for my activities was provided by, but all opinions are my own. If you would like more information about how I work with brands, you can find it here.


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