I’m done with Instagram | 400 word rant

I’m done with Instagram | 400 word rant

Aaaand we’re back with the first 400 word rant of the New Year! Aren’t you lucky? If you haven’t read one of my 400 word rants before, it’s where I rant about a subject that’s been bugging me in 400 words or less. Today we tackle a bloggers simultaneous best friend and worst enemy: the photo app that is Instagram.

DISCLAIMER: Before people start attacking me for my “first world problems”, I would like to clarify that these are only a bit of fun. At the end of the day, it is only the app, and honestly if you read the app you’ll see I’m not even really mad at the app itself. It’s about who it makes me feel like I should be.

Topic of Today: I’m done with Instagram

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I guess this title is a tad superfluous, but hey, it got you to read it, so I suppose I’m doing something right.  I’m not actually done with Instagram at all – I’m still going to use it – but I’m done with the way I treat it at the moment.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t understand why everyone on Twitter was sharing their Instagram accounts… I thought that maybe they wanted to be better friends or maybe it was purely just a cute photoshoot.  However, two years into blogging and I realise that Instagram seems to be where people make the big bucks; be that through skinny tea ads, charcoal tooth whiteners or flogging things on their stories.  I have no issues with the appropriate ads… Even the inappropriate ones are peoples’ own prerogatives.  However, I’m done being so bogged down with likes and algorithms.  That’s not why I started my blog, and that’s certainly not why I made it an Instagram account.

I’m not super attractive, I don’t have an amazing figure, and honestly, I didn’t start this to make myself known.  I do this because I like to write – my passion for photography and imagery has been a fortunate result of it all.  I’ll never be an Instagram blogger or influencer, with perfect flatlays and super cuteness and themes, because that’s just not who I am.  I have massive respect for those who can keep that image up, but I just don’t fit it, and I need to stop feeling like I have to.


There’s not one way to do Instagram.  There’s not one way to enjoy the app.  The alogorithm seems to like showing a maximum 300 of my 1500 followers my photos, and I’m done blaming myself for that.  Though I love posting stories and I do get some paid Instagram posts, I’m done feeling like my worth is dependent on likes and comments. 

Instagram started strong, and I used to love it. If you’ve read my stuff before you’ll know I love sharing photos. But I’m done with the mentality. I’m getting back to fun. If Instagram doesn’t like that… Well I’m more than a singular photo platform.

Do you have Instagram?  How do you feel about it?  Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx



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