Getting my Valentines on with Hunkemoller*

Getting my Valentines on with Hunkemoller*

It’s that time of the year again love sick couples walk around flaunting their happiness, chocolate is sold in all kinds of heart shaped pink/red packaging, and – most importantly – underwear gets a whole lot cuter. Obviously you can purchase underwear all year round, but I feel like brands try a lot harder around Valentines Day. So, whether you’re single or with someone, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to the good stuff (Because let’s be real, we buy pretty underwear for our own selfish reasons more than anything else). Therefore, it was an opportune time to sample Hunkemoller’s valentines collection*, which they kindly gifted me something from.

The power of underwear

I have always been a sole believer that anything that makes you feel confident is a good thing, and the right underwear really has that power. Wearing something that makes you feel sexy and confident can do wonders for your mood – whether somebody else is seeing it or not. I mean, I can’t be the only one that feels like they have their life together when they have a matching bra and knickers on, right?

I actually haven’t had the money to buy a cute set of underwear for a while now, because unfortunately things like that don’t really fit in a student budget. So, safe to say I was more than a little excited to pick out something from Hunkemoller and make myself feel good this season. It took me a while to choose something because they sure have a lot going on, but after some narrowing down and a flurry of pictures sent to my trusty groupchat of friends, I found my perfect bra.

Introducing: the Clover

Full name: Clover padded underwired longline bra*

It arrived in a pink stripey box filled with black tissue paper and I felt like I was unwrapping a present as I unpackaged it – only adding to the whole ‘Treat yo’self’ mentality I have going on at the moment. When I saw it in the box I thought I had fallen in love with it. However, the real love affair began when I tried it on.

If you read my December posts, you’ll know that I’ve been having some body confidence issues recently. However, the second I tried this on, I felt the nicest I’ve felt in a long time. My friends immediately got photos, I walked around my bedroom in it for an hour, and I considered wearing it outside of the house with just a pair of jeans. Not only is it comfortable, but it is incredibly flattering as well as super sexy.

Can I wear it as outerwear?

Like I said, the second I tried it on I was ready to walk the streets in it. It’s far too pretty to be seen by minimal eyes and I immediately made it my mission to see if I could get away with wearing it as a top/bralette thing. Afterall, underwear as outerwear has become a thing in the last few years…

Unfortunately, though the front of it could be worn as a (slightly releaving) bralette/top, the back consists of a regular bra strap. However, I came up with a couple of solutions…

1) Whack on a shirt

Whilst I don’t think I could get away with it as everyday wear, I figured I could easily wear it clubbing. So, I whacked on a pair of jeans, the bra and a checked shirt to hide the back of it and bam – a complete clubbing outfit. Nobody was the wiser. The same could easily be done underneath a mesh top.

2) Show off the straps

I won’t lie, the main reason I chose this bra is because I wanted the cool double strap detail. I personally think these would be easy to show off underneath a low-cut top – they’d add a great amount of detail.

Final Verdict?

I think I’ve made it clear, I’m in love. Yes, £42 is more than I’d usually spend on a bra (#studentproblems), but if you ask me, this is the perfect kind of treat yourself item that wouldn’t completely break the bank. I’d definitely go back to Hunkemoller for more underwear next time I’m looking for a cute piece.

What’s something that boosts your confidence? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx


*DISCLAIMER* The item featured in this blog post was gifted to me by Hunkemoller. However, this does not affect the integrity of my views in any way. I always keep my posts honest and genuine. If you want to read more about my work with brands, you can do so here.


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