I’ve done it. I’ve found a lazy girl nail hack.*

I’ve done it. I’ve found a lazy girl nail hack.*

If you follow me on Instagram, and have watched Instagram stories of me opening/holding things, 80% of the time there’s either no nail polish, or chipped nail polish on my nails. It’s not that I don’t like it… Honestly I feel a lot more accomplished when I have nail polish on. However, I have a real concrete reason as to why I rarely wear it…

I am lazy.

I don’t understand how so many people constantly have their nails painted! It’s so much effort! WHY is it that the second you have one chip, you have to repaint or remove the whole set of nails? I could sneeze and my nails will chip – I don’t have the time to constantly be removing and repainting. Honestly, I swear it takes me longer to remove, repaint and dry my nails than it actually takes to paint them. And I’m sick of it. So I either avoid the situation completely, or wear chipped nail polish far too long.

I can’t be alone in this, right? Right?

But then came the solution…

But first, some word vomit

As you all know by now, I’m very upfront when I have been sent/paid to promote a product/event. However, this is a bit of a confusing one. I’m on a PR list for a company that works with a lot of brands, and every so often they send me a selection of various products from a variety of brands that they work with. They never provide any obligation, and usually just leave it at “You might want to feature these some time”. So the brand doesn’t know that I’m doing this, nor did they ask me too. However, I did get sent these (More on that in a minute) for free…

Aaaaanyways, back to the story

Back in December, I got sent a PR package with a bunch of different products from various brands and within these lay a Sensationail nail polish. I’ve been sent nail polishes before, and I usually test them out (I attempt to test everything that I’m sent) but as a less than casual nail polish user, I only really whack them out on special occasions. Just before Christmas I was having one of those super extra pamper days, and I felt like painting my nails, so I grabbed the Sensational nail polish and gave it a whirl. Little did I know it would change my life.

What’s so special about Sensationail?

It’s a peel off nail polish. And a really good one.

I won’t lie, before trying it I never really had that high an opinion of peel off nail polishes. I feel like they often don’t look as good as regular nail polishes, so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. However, after applying, I was so impressed with the finish. It looks just like any other type of non-peely nail polish, but I don’t have to stress about removing it afterwards.

I was so sceptical about the peel off process, so I waited until I absolutely had to, but it did not disappoint. Most fingers (Apart from 3 that decided to be particularly difficult) peeled off perfectly, and I made a game of seeing how close I could get to peeling off one whole nail. It literally made my excited to paint my nails, because I knew how easy it was going to be to remove the polish. I haven’t looked at nail painting as anything but a chore in 2 years.

I must get my hands on them!

Yes you must!

They have their own website here, where you can purchase the colours for £6. However, I feel like the best deal is on Nail Polish Direct where they are £5.95. I know that it’s only 5p but some of us are savings freaks, so if you’re like me, every penny helps…

Honestly, I was really impressed with them, and I plan to purchase more of them for myself! They’ve turned this lazy girl into someone that actually might start making an effort.

Have you tried any sort of peel off polish?  Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx


Although they were sent with no obligation, this post contains mention of items that were sent to me free of charge.  However, that does not affect the integrity of my review in any way.  If you would like to hear more about my work with brands, you can do so here.


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