Mothers Day with Moonpig*

Mothers Day with Moonpig*

It’s no secret that I’m incredibly close with my mum. In fact, I’m very fortunate to have an amazing relationship with both of my parents. I spend a lot of the time wishing that I could afford to treat them the same way that they’ve treated me my whole life. Unfortunately, I’m a broke Uni student so it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do… Therefore, being able to show my mum a fancy invite to a Moonpig Mother’s Day event* for the two of us was a nice place to start.

Wait, what?

Moonpig are a massive card and gift retailer (Actually, the number one card and gift retailer – found that out at the event), who are known for their personalised cards. However, what people don’t seem to realise, is that they also do a whole lot of gifts and flowers.

Yesterday (Sunday 3rd March) they invited a bunch of us bloggers and our mums down to their headquarters in London to see their range of Mother’s Day gifts, and participate in some mysterious “activities”. With a vague line about crafts and afternoon tea, the invite didn’t really specify what we’d be doing, so I was incredibly intrigued as to what the 3 hour day would entail.

The activities

Turns out it was a day full of 4 different activities: some of which were designed to help show off the brand, and some of which designed purely for our fun. We were split off into smaller groups, shown where the various activity stations were, and sent on our way, rotating at the end of each event.

1) Creating a Moonpig card

Selecting a Mother's Day card at the Moonpig Mother's Day Event

I’m no stranger to Moonpig – I have sent out my share of customised cards in my time. However, I’ve never made my mother’s day card with the help of my mum until today. We each had a turn in the Moonpig photobooth with our mums (Queue the whacky hats and oversized sunglasses), and then set up at a laptop with the photos so we could design our own card on the Moonpig website.

This may have been my favourite activity, purely because I’m a sucker for a photobooth. Also, I thoroughly enjoy writing messages in cards (I made my mum close her eyes as I typed the inside message). The card we designed should arrive on Tuesday due to their next day delivery (If not a Sunday), so I will let you know what the final result turned out like. I personally can’t wait – and I’ve got my Mother’s Day card out of the way…

2) Afternoon tea

I’ve mentioned on here before that my mum and I have a past when it comes to Afternoon tea. So, safe to say, my mum was particularly excited about this one.

One thing I will give them credit for is that they sure knew how to put on a spread… There were more than enough sandwiches, cakes and scones to last all of us and then some. Also, they did an amazing job of catering for the vegans, vegetarians and allergy sufferers too.

3) Flower arranging

I didn’t actually know that Moonpig did flowers, but I guess it makes sense – flowers and a card do sort of come in a pair. We were talked through the process that the flowers undergo and taught how to accurately take care of any flowers that you receive. It’s clear that the workers at Moonpig that deal with the flowers are incredibly passionate about that curation and designe and I can see why – they had some gorgeous designs.

I (think that I) arranged their Rose and Lily bunch, but they had a variety of different bouquets displayed around the venue and I am absolutely in love with their rainbow lillies. Many pictures were taken and then I looked them up when I got home and found out they were only £25! I assumed they’d be a super expensive set because they’re gorgeous.

4) Cocktail making

Like the tea, this didn’t have anything to do with Moonpig specifically, but was just a fun activity for our enjoyment. I learnt how to make a raspberry Long Island Iced Tea (with less raspberry than recommended because I’m fussy) and my mum learnt how to make a basic mocktail because she was more fussy than I was. The process itself was fun – mixology always is – but the thing that was most fun was the dry ice. Want to make anything look like a mystical potion? Douse some dry ice.

The cocktails made at the Moonpig mother's day event

Did ya have fun?

Honestly, this may have been one of my favourite events that I’ve been to. I’ve been to some cool things, and I’m so grateful for every single thing, but this one stuck out. I was left feeling elated and serene and I just loved that my mum was there enjoying herself too. It was so well planned and excecuted and the team at Moonpig deserve all the accolades. 10/10 as far as events go.

Final takeaways

  • Moonpig actually do some pretty cool gifts as well as cards
  • Flower stems should be cut at a 45 degree angle
  • Rainbow lillies are the coolest flower to exist and I would like to be sent nothing but those from now on
  • Spending time with your loved ones is one of the best feelings
  • Forgot someone’s birthday? Moonpig flowers arrive the next day if you order before 9pm…
  • Why use regular ice when you could have dry ice and forever feel like a wizard?

Thank you so much to Moonpig for inviting me to this event! It’s honestly been one of my favourites and I’m beyond happy. Go check out Moonpig’s website, they deserve it!

Have you ever ordered something from Moonpig? What do you think of the rainbow lillies? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jas xx


*DISCLAIMER* I was invited to this event by the team at Moonpig, and received gifts in the form of a goody bag and free food/products while at the event. However, I was under no obligation to write a blog post about the event, nor were my opinions bias as a result. I always remain genuine and honest. If you would like to read more about how I work with brands, you can do so here.


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