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Trust the blogging world to explode within the two months I have to put the most focus into my degree…

Hyperbole aside, my unintentional blogging break was probably the most needed thing for me right now. It gave me time to focus on my dissertations and my life in general and I finally feel like I’m in the swing of things again. So, here’s a succinct little update post letting you know where my head is at with absolutely everything…

Mood Check

Honestly? I’m the happiest I’ve been in months. I’d maybe go as far as to say a year. I’m a strong believer that your mood can absolutely be influenced by the people you surround yourself by, and I’m finally at a place where every single person in my life brings me joy. Obviously I’m not counting random acquaintances etc. because things like that are unavoidable. But everyone I text or talk to on any sort of regular basis is an amazing person. I’ve felt at odds with a few people in my life for a while now, but now that’s all in the past and I feel so free.

Blog Check

So, as anyone on the blogger Twitter knows by now Pipdig had a massive scandal. There was unethical code, a whole load of drama and denial, and a massive flee of people changing their themes. As you can see, I still have my Pipdig theme… But why?

Honestly, because it just doesn’t have the time to be one of my priorities at the moment. I have a dissertation and tonne of work due in May/June and these are some of the most important brickbuilding moments for my degree/life. I’ve backed up my site, I plan to move when I have more time to research and find the right fit for me. I don’t stand by them or what they did, but I also understand that their new update is safe for now, so I’ll continue to use it instead of wrecklessly jumping into something new when I know that my head and heart isn’t in it.

I’m aware, due to cancel culture etc. that some are going to be extremely judgemental for “sticking with Pipdig” for now. However, I’ve explained my situation, I’ve discussed where I stand with them, and I feel like we all need to be a tad more realistic. Some people just don’t have the time or money (or both) to jump into something new so quickly, especially when they know their site will be temporarily safe for the time being. That should be understood instead of shovelled with blame. Uni has to be the priority right now. Then I can focus on this.

Social Check

I know that people are quick to blame social media for the impact to their moods, but I’ve always been at odds with that. Obviously social media can badly affect you, but I’m a big believer that you can build a healthy relationship with it if you choose what you consume. I’ve become good at knowing when my mood is changing based on what I’m seeing, and altering things depending on that.

I’ve been a great utiliser of the mute button recently, to avoid seeing things that I know will set me off. As well as that, I’ve spent less time on Twitter and Facebook messenger (Sorry if I haven’t seen your messages/been a slow replier) because the platforms feel a little impersonal to me. I log on when I want, and I spent days logged out when I need to, and I may be a bit distant, but it’s been so good for me.

Uni Check

Honestly? I’m drowning in work. But I’m still getting it done, and that’s what matters. With the Easter break starting, it means that I can officially take matters into my own hands, getting the work done at the pace that works for me. I have the bulk of my deadlines in a months time and then one exam (When I finally get the date) after that.

Frankly, I’m just ready to be done now. But I’m trying to enjoy the last few months while I can, before I venture into the real world once and for all.

YouTube Check?!

In a spur of spontanaeity, wreckless procrastination and a drive to find myself again, I restarted my Youtube channel with a brand new niche: I’m talking about musical theatre. I’ve had a great time so far with some opinion videos, live reactions, musical theatre quizzes and a video that’s almost on 10,000 views and gained me quite a few subscribers?!

It’s weird and honestly just a bit of fun. I don’t see it turning into anything, but I wanted a place to really let my musical theatre stuff go, so that’s where we are. I’d love if you’d join me because I’m having a lot of fun… Search ‘Vlogs From Jasmine’ or click here, I’m pretty easy to find.

So that’s about it! I might do all my update posts in this sort of style, because I kind of like it. I’d love to know what you think in the comments because it’s something fairly new to me.

How are you doing? Please let me know in the comments, I’m real out of it.

Lots of love,

Jas xx


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