Thoughts on Bloggy Things

I talk about a wide variety of topics on here as I find my way.  However, while doing so, I’m also finding my way on my blog.  Here are all the posts related to everything bloggy, and how I’m getting by.  Subcategories include:


I Have 7 Subscribers. In the 6 days since I’ve made this blog I have had 7 people subscribe to my blog posts.  People may look at this in comparison to their followers on sites like Twitter and Instagram and view this as nothing.  However, for me, on WordPress, it’s completely…

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Where do I even start? I guess it would make sense to introduce myself, and this blog, to the blogging world.  However, by doing that I wouldn’t be being completely honest with you, or myself. I’m not really new… I used to have a blog.  I kept it up quite…

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