Let’s Talk Money (Disclaimer)

As you may know, people are able to make money off of their blogs, I am one of these people.  However, I am very big on transparency and how that money is made.  So, here’s a boring little page with a massive disclaimer as to how it’s all done…


Gifted Products

Every so often I will mention a product/service in a post that has been gifted to me.  This means that I did not purchase the product/service in question, but was provided it by a company/their PR team.  However, I pride myself on my honesty and integrity, and so the fact that these products/services were gifted does not affect the review.  I am always genuine and do not allow for bias when talking about anything on my blog.  With my blog in particular, these gifted products tend to include:

However, this does not mean that every product that falls under the categories above has been gifted to me.  In gifted circumstances, There will be a disclaimer at the bottom of the post declaring it.  If no disclaimer can be seen, then you can assume that the related company/brand had no role in providing me with the product/service in question.


Affiliate Links/Codes

Every so often a link that I use or a discount code that I provide will be affiliated.  This means that when you buy something through my link/use my code, I get a small commision (Usually 10-20%, but it’s dependent on the brand) of your purchase.  This costs you no extra money whatsoever, and in some cases, such as my Coconut Lane discount, it will save you money.  Essentially, all it is is a monetary “thank you” for me, for recommending the product to you in the first place.  As with gifted products, this will not impact the honesty of my reviews and recommendations.  The most typical types of these that you will find on my blog are:

Again, when these are used on particular posts, there will be a small disclaimer at the bottom of the post.  As well as this, there will usually be an asterix* next to the link or code.


Sponsored Posts/Collaborations

Once in a while I am lucky enough to have a brand want to work with me and sponsor a blog post.  This means that they pay me to mention their product/service in a blog post.  Despite them paying me, all of my words and opinions are my own.  I refuse to take any sponsored collaborations that do not fit my brand/beliefs.  At the end of the day, this blog is my baby.  If I don’t think something will fit with my brand, then it will not be mentioned on my blog, no matter the money on offer.

I am very transparent about when these posts come to my blog, as I’d never want you to think you were lied to.  These posts are usually mentioned as an Ad, or include a disclaimer at the bottom of the page letting you know that it was a collaboration.  Usually, I do both of these things.


In all of these cases, it is usually clear despite the disclaimer.  When working with a brand in any of the above ways, I usually include a thank you to the brand in the post, as well as letting you know that they reached out to me and the following blog post is a result of that.

If, you have any questions, or are a brand reading this, feel free to reach out.  You can email me at thoughtsfromjas@yahoo.com, or go through my contact page.  Now you’re done with the boring stuff, go read through my blog for some entertainment!